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Take Client Information from ticket to set due date


This is my first post in the Thwack community, and I am looking for a way to take data entered from a ticket and use that data to specify the due date or scheduled date on the ticket.  In other words, I want the calendar in WHD to reflect the dates selected by the user when they submit this ticket.  The ticket is for a future date for a setup request, and it has to be dynamic enough to take that data from the request information and set the due date or schedule.

Action Rules was my first visit, but once you start getting "Complicated" with your needs, this area falls short.

If it was possible to take data from the ticket and modify the ticket to reflect a new due date, that would be the answer.  Is there a backend extraction process I could use to get this data?  If so, where could I get started to learn how to utilize the API and build something for WHD?

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Although this might not be what you want...

If you have fixed dates in terms of length of tickets you could have different Request Types automatically aligned with different priorities e.g. 1 week, 2 weeks, 1 month, 2 months, 6 months etc

You could also have a custom field instead of different request types, which a client can choose from a pull down menu, then have action rules sets a predefined ticket priority for that ticket.

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