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Level 7

Sorting FAQs Category Drop Down

How do you get the Category drop down in the FAQs to sort?  Preferably alphabetical.  All the other drop down fields, (Company, Location, Department, Model) sort alphabetical and make it very easy to locate the content.

What setting am I missing?

FAQ Category Sort.JPG

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Level 11

Re: Sorting FAQs Category Drop Down

Those appear to be ordered by their problem_type_id in the database also the ID that shows up under the Setup -> Tickets -> Request Types section.  I haven't looked to see if there is a way to actually alter in the order in the system(can't locate an edit for that ID in the gui) and I haven't looked at the Database to see how many tables rely on that specific data point as a key, but potentially modifying that value would be the only way I currently could think of changing it.  Unless anyone else is aware of a way to alter that, then a feature request would be the next option since the drop-down menu code might be only setup to order by that ID