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HI Every One,

I am installed SolrWinds (WHD) Web Help Desk. application & data base is in different server.

Date base : ms sql express 2008

Each server having 12 GB RAM & 3 processor. WEB CONSOLE IS TOO SLOW ONLY AT THE TIME OF TICKET CREATION. kindly let me know the solution for this issue

Thanks & regards


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Was there a solution to this?  Have exactly the same problem described.  Tried all the Java optimization tricks and server runs MySQL on an SSD Hardrive so it should fly.  There are occasions where creating a ticket can take 30 seconds or longer.

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The lingering issue still seems to be the time to contact the mail server. You did not state what release you are on but recently the memory usage on in the JVM has gotten a marginally better but it still depends on the size/scale of your deployment. Ensure you have sufficient system resources up the JVM min and max memory if necessary.

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Hi Mr.Thangaraj I'm having the same issue at creating tickets, could you please tell me how did you solve this problem? I have asigned 8gb to the Maximum_Memory as mentioned above and I'm using the postgres DB in the same server.

I really appreciate any help.


Marvin Jimenez

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The usual suspects from previous posts seem to be either a bottleneck with contacting the mail server, a bottleneck writing to the database or Java memory problems/ heavy RAM usage (unlikely if the actual JVM memory usage is low & you have sufficient RAM).

It depends on your setup but from personal experience:

1. Setting the Scheduled E-Mail Delivery Threshold in Setup> Email> Options to 0 would eliminate contacting the mail server being the problem.

2. Introducing a scheduled task on the server to restart WHD every night to clear the Java cache eliminates this causing a slowdown (This worked wonders for us).

We're using the built in DB on the same server as WHD is running and MS Exchange 2010.

Hi, thank you so much for your answer.

I tried setting Scheduled E-Mail Delivery Threshold to 0, then restarted the server but the problem persists.

Nobody is using my server, it's just me doing some test so there is no a bottleneck or similar, JVM memory says always between 700mb and 1.2gb(it has 8gb assigned) and the server is only running Windows Server 2012 r2 and the help desk software.

Do you think that I need to update Java?  (Current version:  1.7.0_45 amd64 (Oracle Corporation) )

Any help is greatly appreciated,thank you so much!!


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Hello thangaraj321,

This is a tricky question but a couple of things are jumping out a potentials. Fist SQL 2008 Express has a limit of 1 gig ram usage limit so if you have a larger db this could cause an issue.  There is now way around this unless you go to a different edition than express.  See the link here (Memory Supported by the Editions of SQL Server)

The other thing is you could be filling the JVM memory. You can increase it by opening the WHD.config file and changing the Maximum_Memory line to something higher than 512mb, then restart the services by doing a run as admin. You can check it by going to setup --> general --> System information.