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Resolved Status Not Functioning As Intended

I would like to use the Resolved Status to confirm with users that their ticket is indeed complete before closing out tickets left and right when they still need to be worked. I have it set up to email the users and close out after 72 hours if there is no response. So far, I am not sure if the ticket will close out as the change was made recently and 72 hours hasn't passed, however, I tried to make a test ticket for my client account, and when I set the ticket to the Resolved status, I cannot close/reopen the ticket by clicking yes or no in the email nor do I see anything in the UI when I view the ticket.


When I recieve the email asking me if the ticket is resolved, if I click Yes or No, it will open up a web browser and prompt me to log in. I'll log in and then I just see the default ticket request page. If I click on Yes or No after logging in, I am directed to the History tab, but there is nothing there. If I click on History, it will show the ticket as Resolved, but there is nothing in the ticket details for me to confirm whether or not it is resolved.


Is there something that I'm missing in the client permissions maybe (I know they are not allowed to open already closed tickets, but I assume saying No to the Resolved status would reopen the ticket anyways as intended) or any other setting I may have overlooked somewhere?


Also, in case it matters, we are on build #



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12.7.0 had major issues and the download was actually pulled shortly after release.There were tons of issues specifically related to the client history and client profile tabs (the two that were rewritten in this build). Sounds like this is set up correctly


I would highly recommend you go to 12.7.1 asap and retest if its still an issue then dig deeper.

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