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Level 8

Request Types & Ticket Routing

Is there anyway of routing tickets to a Tech Group Rather than one Individual ?

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Routing based on Request Type selected.

Within Request Type you can select Tech Group for ticket to go too.

Ticket Flow Diagram:

Ticket Flow

Level 8

Thanks Will take a look at this and try.



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Level 13

As the other user noted, tickets already get routed to a Tech Group based on the Request Type of the ticket.

It is possible, however, that you currently have your Tech Group set up to auto-assign tickets to one of the Techs in that Tech Group.

If that isn't the behavior you want (e.g. if you prefer for the ticket to just 'come in' to the Tech Group and then have your Techs self-assign the tickets), then I'd go into your Tech Group, go to the middle tab (Tech Group Levels) and open up "level 1" for that group.   There you will have the option to set auto-assignment to "none".

Optionally, you may want to "force an email to" the "Level Techs" but make it so it is "only on ticket creation".   That would make sure that your Techs all get an email when there is a new ticket but they won't get emails about every single update to that ticket once someone picks it up.