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Re-opened Status

I can search by ticket numbers and get 2 Re-Opened status tickets.

I can search by Re-Opened but only get 1 ticket.

I can search by ticket number and Re-Opened and get 1 ticket.

I can search by 2nd ticket number and Re-Opened and get 0 tickets.

Looking all over the settings, what could we be missing?

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Hi 123kateb​,

It is difficult to diagnose the issue without seeing the tickets in question, are the two tickets that you refer to the same between each of these searches or do they display different ones?

The searches that only include one ticket, are they displaying the same ticket or are these different tickets?

What version of Web Help Desk are you running?


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fluffy midnight​ 

Here is the email I received:

Tech 1 just showed me a problem in WHD.  He has a ticket, 232289, that has a status of Re-Opened.  He cannot search WHD and find it, by searching for his name and Re-Opened status.

Tech 2 also has a ticket, 230783, with a status of Re-Opened, but when we search WHD for any ticket with that status of Re-Opened, it is the only one that comes up.

The difference I see is that Tech 1's ticket was updated by a client from a Resolved status, which the system automatically changes to Re-Opened and then sends an email to the tech.

Tech 2's ticket was manually changed from a Closed status to Re-Opened and it appears in the search for Re-Opened status.

If you search just by Re-Opened status, you do not get 232289.

Help Desk Version

  1. 12.5.2 - Build #
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