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Preventing duplicate tickets from cc replies

This isn't a huge issue as it doesn't happen that much and we can merge but I'm wondering....

Let's say a customer "John" sends in an email to our help desk to create a ticket (123) and he copies his co-worker "Jane". John will get a reply that a ticket has been created and that gives him a ticket number. He can then reply to that mail and update the existing ticket if he has more to say. However, if "Jane" replies to "John's" original mail, this creates a second ticket in our help system. This can go back and forth and cause multiple tickets we have to merge to then try to reply to everyone and get them to reply through that mail so the single ticket is updated. Is there a way to help with this?

On a related point, it is possible for a customer to know who all is in cc on the ticket mails? I mean let's say John mails just our help desk. If I added Jane from his company on the ticket knowing she might have something to add, is there a way John can see that? It would be nice for John to know she was copied and not have to send the mail to her later or something if we asked a question where he then forwarded our mail to her (even though she already had it). It would also hopefully prevent that John said something about Jane that he wouldn't have wanted her to see not knowing she was in copy on the ticket already.

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Re: Preventing duplicate tickets from cc replies

I was looking in Setup>Tickets>Options> in the General Options section and notices the setting:

"Allow Non-User CC Updates" = Indicates whether to allow Ticket updates, via email, from people who are not helpdesk users, but were CC or BCC recipients on the ticket update email.

Also under the Client Option Section,

"Clients Can CC; Email" = Allows Clients to carbon copy email Tickets to additional addresses.

If the Cc is causing issues then you may want to consider restricting who can Cc and when using these settings. From what I understood, the incoming email account is supposed to be limited to submitting tickets. Once a ticket is created, then from inside the ticket is when and where a CC or BCC should happen, not during the creation of a ticket. this would be like creating a CC to a printer while sending in an email ticket which would have the potential to create an infinite loop given the right setting configurations and I have seen the system generate thousands of tickets as a result of this practice under certain conditions. I would just hold the CC and BC activity until after the ticket was created and do it from inside the ticket.

Just my 2 cents, hope it helps or gives you some ideas.

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