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Level 12

Multiple notifications when using API

I'm using the API to create new tickets. I have EmailClient=false and EmailTech=false. For these tickets, I am both the client and the tech.

I have the Tech Group configured so that it does not force email and there are no Default Selected E-Mail Recipients.

The ticket history does not provide any information to indicate why it is sending me two notification emails, only that both are "New-Ticket E-Mail sent to ....". It is sending both at the same time.

Anyone else encounter this at all? Any thoughts?


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Level 12

Wow. It's pretty dead in here.

I just remembered that I had opened a case for the same issue back in 2017. It was identified as a bug then in version 12.5 --almost 3 years ago. Pretty disappointing that there is so little support for this product.

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Oddly, I found that if I set "emailTech":true then I only get one notification instead of two.  I get two when I have it set to 'false'. Go figure.

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