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Multiple Instances WHD - Same Server

Is it possible to install multiple instances of WHD on the same server? We have a legitimate need to create a segregated database and software install of WHD for our Human Resources department while also operating a normal IT Helpdesk. We would like to install the software twice on the same server but when we run the installer WHD says it found the existing install and wants us to modify it.

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Hi crannow​,

It certainly is possible, however you may encounter a bit of tinkering to be required to get it working appropriately so daemons don't conflict with each other.

I would recommend checking out this guide as it walks you through everything that's required from different Operating Systems: Set up multiple instances of Web Help Desk 12.2 and later

Let me know if there're any issues!


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So before I follow the directions in your link I just clone/copy the existing WHD install folder to a new folder and make the modifications mentioned after step 2? I say copy and follow after step 2 because you can't install using the installer when the software has already been installed on a server.

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Correct, if you don't then you have no designated folder for the second instance.

The idea is to have however many instances of Web Help Desk and their corresponding databases and daemons so you can accomplish this.

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