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Level 8

Missing assets

Has anyone else seen an issue where assets in WHD will just disappear completely, but remain in the created PO?  For example, if I search for a PO I created under the 'Purchase Order' part of Assets, I can see all of the asset numbers and the model and the price. But if I search for either the asset numbers or the PO itself under 'Search Assets' I get no results. This is happening to multiple PO's and I do not know how widespread this is.

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Level 13

Do you have discovery running to pull asset records in from another source (another program, database, or WMI discovery scan)?   <-- if so it would be shown under Setup -> Assets -> Discovery Connections.

The reason i ask is that each Discovery Connection will have an option in it (near the bottom) that will let you define what happens when it runs and a given device is no longer discovered. The field is called "When Assets Are Removed" and has options like "delete asset", "no action", or "Set Status to <status dropdown list>".

That's the first thing i would think to check (aside from a manual deletion of assets that you don't remember or didn't do yourself) if you are seeing 'missing' assets.   It could be that they are being 'deleted' based on the Discovery Connection setting.

Even in that case, the assets are technically still in the database - they don't actually get removed from there.  Instead, they just have a particular field set to note that they are 'deleted'.  <-- I'm presuming this is so that POs and other aspects of the WHD product won't break if the asset is "deleted".  That would explain why the POs might still show the asset number even if the asset is marked as deleted...because it is better than showing <undefined> or something like that.

It would be some work but you might be able to find the particular assets in the db and - manually or through a specific SQL query - change that field from "1" back to "0" to "un-delete" them; the hard part there would be if, over time, there had been multiple entries created & deleted for one real-world asset - the problem there would just be identifying the 'right' one(s) to bring back from the dead.

Level 8

Hi, and thank you for taking the time to reply.

We used to sync with SCCM, but have since stopped due to a bug in WHD that caused incorrect data to overwrite unrelated assets. Since that time we have only imported by uploaded CSV's or manually created. With that said, I checked Discovery Connections and 'When assets are removed' has been left as 'No Action'. At first, I speculated that it could be someone in our organization deleting assets by accident, but given the scope and that the assets are in multiple buildings and asset types and spoken to each technician with access I have ruled that out.

Also, as we host WHD, we don't have the ability of going through the db and have opened a support ticket regarding this, but was hoping to find some answers here in the meantime in case it is something we can fix or prevent ourselves.

Thanks again, and happy new year!

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