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Level 12

It's a ghost town

Man. It's dead in here. Is this product still supported? Still under development?

The last update in the Product Blog is from 2017.

Most of the posts seeking help have zero replies.

Solarwinds? Hello?

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Level 8

For me, I've always had good and timely assistance with their Support and have been using WHD for over 5 years now.  I had an issue with a Certificate just 2 weeks ago after updating to the latest version and it was resolved almost immediately.

I've researched and tested most of the "top-rated" Help Desk Platforms out there and for me, WHD is the simplest to use with the cleanest Tech Interface.

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The forum isn't actually a place to get official support anyway, you just call them up on the phone if you need something.  Thwack is intended as users helping users, and I would wager that WHD doesn't have a huge community of users.  I know I barely ever touched it even though I worked as a SW consultant for 4 years.

One clue that you might pick up on was that SW purchased a SaaS service desk platform for >$300 million a bit ago.  They might feel that there is still a niche in the market for both solutions, but you can guess where most of the attention actually is going.

- Marc Netterfield, Github
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Clearly a forum is not an official support channel. Yet many good product vendors tend to staff them with support folks and/or developers. This is what helps to build the community, generate goodwill, attract potential customers, retain existing ones, etc.

I have, or course, contacted support over the phone. It typically takes weeks, if not months for resolution, which usually comes in the form of a new bug. We still have a significant bug from over three years ago. Still waiting for a fix.

And while SW may have a new expensive product, as well as others, if they are still charging money for licensing and support for WHD, they should support and develop it in kind. Maybe they feel they are. But given our experience with this product, we have no interest in looking at any of their other products.

Agreed.  I'm looking into alternative solutions right now, not looking at any alternatives for this by solarwinds.  Did the same with dameware.

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