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Level 9

Is it possible to unmerge tickets

Good Morning,

I have a tech that has inadvertantly merged two tickets, and has realised that these tickets weren't meant to be mergered together, is there a way I can seperate these tickets back to their original individual tickets

Thanks for help in advance


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Level 10

Once you have already "un-deleted" that ticket, you can prevent WHD from deleting merge tickets by doing the following:

- go to Setup > Ticket > Status Types

- create a new status say "Merged"

- on the same page, click "Options" tab

- set "When Tickets Are Merged" to "Set Status of Child Tickets to" then select "Merged" that way, the ticket will stay visible in the System

You can also set that "Merged" status to say auto-close after a number of days//hours/mins or set action rules to close them out or send email and etc.

Hope this helps.

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Level 9

Tickets are effectively DELETED when you merge them.

In the database, under the table “job_ticket” find the ticket number (“job_ticket_id”) and there should be a “deleted” column. Set it to “0” (Zero)

Please only take this as advice, and you really shouldn’t mess with the DB directly.