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How to auto-assign tickets based upon location as well as allow tickets to be passed to techs in other locations?

We setup our Web Help Desk and have been using for a few months now, but I am sure it is set up wrong at the moment.

We have IT techs in offices around the world, so I want the tickets made in by clients in each office to go to their local office tech. 

But I also need to have techs to be able to assign tickets to other country techs (some smaller office techs have less access to internal resources, as well as clients that are traveling would need the ticket assigned tech of the office being visited).

Can anyone recommend the best method for doing this?

I tried creating location groups for each office, but then the techs are unable to assign the ticket to a different country tech.


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Product Manager
Product Manager

Hi Simon,

Have you checked the tech permissions are not locked to a specific location?



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Mine looks ok.

To clarify my location groups are like this at the moment.


I have to add all techs into the location group, otherwise they can't pass tickets between them.  I created AMER for the USA office (portsmouth).  the location is pulled from AD sync.  this will assign tickets from users in Portsmouth to the techs in this location group.

That seems to defeat the point of the location group and currently means that tickets get assigned at random between all locations, which is not useful at all.

I would like to have the location groups for each country and add the tech for each country into it, then the tickets will get assigned to the correct tech, but still allow the techs to pass tickets between each other. 

Any thoughts?

I was thinking to just make 1 location group, add all the techs and then make tech groups for each region and use action rules to make the tickets auto-assign per region.

But that seems backwards.

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