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Level 7

How do you hide the 'Select asset' field in web help desk?

When customizing the Web Help Desk tickets, I would like to hide the field of asset selection for clients, I would like this to be visible for techs to enter but not clients.  How do I remove this?

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Level 8

Similarly, how do you hide the "Assets" tab in the client view?  There is no need for clients to look at the full Asset inventory at all when submitting a ticket.  At least not our end users 🙂

I mean picking a related asset in the ticket submission is one thing, but they certainly don't need a searchable asset database tab.

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Level 9

To hide the Assets tab from the Client interface, do the following:

- Log into WHD as an Administrator;

- Go to Setup > Assets > Options

- De-select "Clients Can Search Assets"

- Click "Save" in the bottom right-hand corner

- Test/Verify by switching to Client View

Level 9

Did you find a solution to this?  I'm looking into this too and would appreciate any help.


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Level 9

The answer is to uncheck the use models check box located in setup - tickets - request types......If you do it at the parent level it will not work, you need to do it at every child level with every request type.

Seems like there should be an easier way to propagate down to the child request types but I haven't found it yet.

Level 9

There IS a manner, at least in WHD 12.1.0, that you can propagate Request Type settings to child Request Types. Sadly, it seems like it's an "All-or-Nothing" approach - on both fronts, though.

Force Child Request types to inherit from the Parent Request type:

- Select the Parent Request type desired;

- Scroll all the way to the bottom;

- Under "Copy Settings to Children," choose between "All Levels" and "One Level" (how far down the tier(s) do you desire to force inheritance);

- Click on the "Play" button to the right of the radial options

Inherit the Parent Request type settings for a particular Child Request type:

- Select the Child Request type desired;

- To right of the defined "Parent Type," click on the small square Clone Stamp icon

- If these settings are desired, click on the "Save" button in the bottom right-hand corner

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