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Level 7

How can I create a custom ticket type?


We just purchased WHD and we are at the setup process.

I need to create a ticket custom field that includes a table and will serve us as an replaceable item ordering form.

With the default ticket types in Ticket Custom Fields that is not possible.

Is there a way around it?

Basically I want to create something like the image below :


Where VAR1 will be set by default with fixed values, Var2 will be inserted by the client and Var3 needs to be a checkbox also selected by the client.

Have anyone tried or created something similar?

Thanks in advance!

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Level 7

Thanks for the replies and help.

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Level 9

Agreed with pabely.

Only options are to have a list of custom fields to manage your options, but you can't put them side by side.

Using the API you can create whatever you want on the front end for the client (so it can look exactly like that), but in the backend you will have to use the normal custom fields.  We use WHD for our leave management, and took this approach.

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Level 12

Hi Anla, No WHD cannot currently do such things, it is selection criteria or free text only.

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