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For those who use the import assets feature in WHD...

I understand that WHD uses a template with a specific format to import assets. Can the fields or the column headers be manipulated or modified, as well as additional fields (columns) added to the template, and still be able to import successfully?

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I don't believe that you can modify the template directly and have it work they way you want.

However, for those items for which there is the ability to create custom fields (tickets, clients, assets) ... you can create those custom fields and THEN click the button to have it generate a template and it will include those custom fields as columns.

Thanks for the reply.  I've been corresponding with Solarwinds tech support and they told me I can add Asset custom fields and when we download the template, those custom fields will show up in the template.  We tested this and it actually does.  The next step is to populate those custom fields with data, so when we do an import back into WHD we can verify that the import was successful with the data from the custom fields successfully included in the import.

We won't play with fire and try to modify any existing fields in the template, we will choose to ignore or not use any default fields we cannot use (e.g., PO number, version, audit date, etc.), and just create custom fields for what we need (e.g., department, purpose, etc.).  The key is to use consistency within each field, e.g., a standard naming convention, so the data can be properly sorted and filtered in the format needed when exporting inventory reports.