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Level 7

Embedded PostgreSQL is still 9.2?

Is there any plan to update the version of PostgreSQL that ships with Web Help Desk?

It appears that the shipping version is 9.2.1, which seems to have been released in 2012

Support for the 9.2 branch ended in 2017. 9.3 is already out of support, and 9.4 will be done during 2020.

PostgreSQL: Versioning Policy

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Level 14

I just checked the WHD instance on my test server running build 12.7.407 (yea latest broken build) and it does indeed appear to be 9.2.1

We use MS SQL but wow that is quite a dated version of the software they are shipping.

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Level 12

If you are using MS SQL instead of PostgreSQL, you might want to disabled the PostgreSQL service from a resources and security point of view anyway. You might have to disable the PostgreSQL service each time you upgrade the WHD also.

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