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Level 8

Email tickets rejected

I am unable to get tickets to create from incoming emails. It shows the connection is successful but rejects the message with this error message:

Dialog Icon  A history entry could not be found for the provided ID (110138). Either you have encountered a bad link, or the history entry belonging to that ID is older than your specified retention period and has, therefore, been deleted.

You can change your email history retention period at Setup > E-Mail > Options > Delete E-Mail History Entries After.

I have adjusted the history setting to be up to 5 years, it doesn't matter, I still get there error.  I have created new email accounts and submitted from multiple user accounts. Each time I get that same error.  Any help or insight would be appreciated.

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Level 11

sunnymcduff​, I bet the software cleaned up email history entries, but didn't clean up the corresponding email_data_object. What do you get when you run the following sql: select * from email_data_object where email_history_entry_id = 110138. If anything is returned, the join fails and the software displays an error. I bet you see errors in the helpdesk.log file saying something like 'Could not find email_data_object with history_entry_id with id 110138' or something to that affect. Errors like these come up because of the referential integrity built into the database.



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When you log in to the email account WHD is monitoring, the email is there?  If WHD is not processing the email, it should still be in the inbox.  If it is not, I'd have a window open to that account, and send an email there, to ensure it is arriving.  Those are the first two steps I follow when I'm troubleshooting.