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Level 8

Discovery Connections: SCCM

I have tried to add our SCCM server as a discovery connection in order to match on asset serial number to populate the network name of the device.

Discovery Tool: I have selected Microsoft SMS/SCCM

SCCM SQL Server Database Host: I have put in the hostname of our SCCM Server, which also hosts the SQL database.

Port: I have left at1433

Database Name: I have entered CM_P01

Username: I have tried a domain admin account in the format domain\administrator and also a locally setup sql user account which has permissions to the database.

I keep getting the error: Login failed for user 'whd'. ClientConnectionId:95dade56-65bb-466a-bb5c- 111fda3cc569

It seems like its probably a permissions issue but I am not sure what additional permissions to apply. Any ideas?

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Level 9

I was having an issue as well but finally figured it out. Didn't need to use IP or FQDN just hostname. All would probably work. The account needs to be a local SQL account and not a Windows Domain account. I ended up going into the SQL Management Studio and created a new account under Security\logins and provided boh public and db_datareader access to the CM_xxx database. I also had to go to the properties of the SQL server and adjust the Server Authentication to be 'SQL Server and Windows Authentication mode'.

Level 10

I currently have the same setup and I had to use the IP address of the server along with using a sql account instead of a domain account.  That allowed my connections to work. 

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I didn't have to use the IP. Did you try with the fully qualified name, and not just the server name? My suspicions with those that had to use the IP are running a version of web help desk that isn't a domain memeber. For example, we are running the vmware appliance, and as long as we used the FQDN for server name it worked.

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Level 8

Found this link which did it for me. I needed to add the connect SQL under securables for the account we created.