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Level 7

Direct external link to FAQs page(Web Help Desk)

I am trying to create a direct link to the FAQs page externally however the last part of the link (which are numbers) seem to change frequently, any help with this would be much appreciated.

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Level 12

In the FAQ section




Move your mouse over the Preview arrow icon, right hand click and select copy Link / URL

you should see something like:

The number on the end is the FAQ number, change this to what ever the FAQ number you require..






Thanks for the reply ,

I am looking for the overall page, not just the individual faq link 




Can a category be added to the URL?

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No, I don't think you can do that.



You direct link to a FAQ Number



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Cool. Is there a way to do this with 'All Messages'?

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Sorry, I don't think that is possible

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