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Level 12

Default Priority

I have set several Tickets > Request Types > Default Priority, but when I assign (Categorize) the ticket with the Request Type, the Priority is not 'obeyed'.

I have the following Priorities: Immediate, Today, Tomorrow, Week, None

I have the Default Priority for Request Type Software > Schoology set for "Today"

Yet when I modify an incoming Open ticket to Software > Schoology, the Priority is "Week".


I don't see anywhere else to set the Priority, so I am not sure why it isn't working.

I have other Request Types that do 'obey' the Default Priority set in Setup > Tickets > Request Types, so it is very confusing why some work and others do not.


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If the Priority is changing after you've set it, check the Ticket History for further details, this should show reasoning as to why this is happening.

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Level 12

Just the opposite. A majority of our tickets are created via email. They come into the system with the category of "Technology" but no sub-category. The priority of the tickets when it comes in that way is "Week". I add the sub-category and the Priority is not changing.

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Is it that it's not changing automatically after you set the sub-category, or when you change it manually after setting the category?

If you are wanting it to be automatic, this is not how the system works. When the ticket is assigned a priority it'll keep that until reassigned accordingly or any rules or triggers cause it to change.

The default priority for request types are for when the user submits a ticket via the user interface, where they select the corresponding request type, this then matches the priority to the one you set.

If tickets are coming in via email, you usually need to set the priority manually when updating the ticket to the appropriate request type.

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