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Level 8

Daemon Issue

Recently I have upgraded my iteration of WHD, from 12.2 to 12.5.1 . After doing this I ran into an error :

Another daemon was detected, running on host " " . Please change your configuration so that only one instance of the application is running as a daemon.

For details, see the README.txt file in the Web Help Desk program folder, or FAQ 103 on the Web Help Desk support site.

Has anyone else ran into this issue?  I will be upgrading to 12.5.2 in hopes that this issue gets fixed, even though I feel it won't do much.

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Level 10

I have run across that with a system running two instances of WHD. One was on the application server and the other on their mail server. I went to the I went to the configuration folder and opened the tomcat_web_template.xml file and near the bottom there is a daemon setting. I set one of the instance to none and allowed the other to remain at background. This corrected the issue in our case.

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