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Level 9

Count time in WHD

We turned off Count Time in our pending tickets yet according to reports it seems to still be counting. Is there another place

that time is being tracked?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

Talked with engineering on this and there are no other places – status settings is the only spot.

As a basic test on our side to ensure there was a new bug we weren't aware of, we had a ticket created as pending (with counter off) and indeed, that ticket never counted as consuming active minutes in my report. Confirmed as well by toggling the setting we are indeed always keeping count of the time in status as when I toggle to count==true, we get current data (at pending for 60 minutes), rather than at pending for zero minutes.

I would recommend a support ticket at this point so it can be looked at a bit closer.

Level 9

Thanks for the quick response. Appreciate it.

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