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Level 12

Client Admin searches on WHD12.7.1

Since upgrade to WHD12.7.1 when using new Client UI in History Client Admins can no longer search by keywords on Tickets or by Client surname of the Clients the Admin oversees.

Any one else seen this issue?

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Level 14

In relation to the first part about search by keyword check out 12.7.1 Hotfix 1 (Success Center ) Fixes 2 known issues one of which is

"Client UI search based on the request detail does not return a result"

While it does not appear to say specifically about client admins if the issue affects all request detail searches that could be it. Not sure about your second issue searching for users.

If its possible to test this and if its still broken, it if is open a support ticket?

Hi typhoon87

We are running HotFix 1 and this is specfic to Client Admins. Cliejt  Admins had additionaly search critera of "contains" and "surname" which no longer appear. Additionally the list of historical Tickets for that Location the Admin is looking after had a column for Client so you could see whom the Client was who orginally logged the Ticket, no you cannot unless you select each Ticket in turn which is not good if you see hundreds of Tickets.

This is logged with Support already but they say it is by design in 12.7.1.

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If this is a design change from prior release you probably need to try to push support or try to get it escalated, although you likely already tried that.

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