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Change editor font size?

Is there a way for a tech to change the default font size for the ticket editor?

Have one or two who have a hard time reading the default font and wanted to see if it can be made larger.

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Maybe changing the font size using the browser settings would work?

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That was my suggestion, but they weren't too keen on that option.

I checked with SolarWinds support, and there isn't currently a way to change the font, although they did log it as a feature request.

In the interim, guess just need to tell them to get reading glasses.

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Depends on which browser they use but we are using Chrome & there is a setting in there to just increase the minimum font size which means everything else still looks normal on other pages.

This is in Settings> Show Advanced Settings> Web Content. Customise Fonts> Minimun Font Size

Just in case you can talk them around!

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