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Change Advisory Board - Approval Emails not Sending

We have been experiencing some odd behavior with our WHD recently.

Over that last 30 days or so we have had two instances where ticket creation emails are flowing, but the approval emails for our CAB processes are not.

Rebooting the server fixes the issue.

As soon as the server is rebooted, all of the approval emails start flowing again.

We were on 12.5 and recently upgraded to 12.6 and have applied the hot-fix.

The first time this happened we were still on 12.5 and today it happened again.

My questions are:

1. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? Obviously, if so, is there a fix.

2. Is there a way to get the approval emails to flow without having to reboot the server?

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Level 14

I have never seen this issue and we have been using CAB and approval processes since 12.3. You may want to open a support ticket.

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