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Build in variable for approvals

So we recently purchased the Web Help Desk and we are trying to get it set up.  There are a few requests where we would like to add a table of approvers or query AD for manager to get the approver name. 

Here is an example.  We have a large number of Active Directory Security Groups.  Each group has a manager assigned to it. 


Auditing - Joe

Finance - Sara

Human Resources - Frank

Marketing - Brenda

I would like to have a request that allows you to select the group (in this case department) and based upon what group is selected it sends the approval to the associated manager/owner.

Has anyone done anything like this or have any ideas of the best way to do this? 

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So I did end up calling support about this yesterday and they came up with a nice workaround, although it is a bit painstaking to set up.  Here is what we did.  For each location, we created a change advisory board (CAB).  Then we set up an approval process for for each location and assigned the location CAB to the approval process.  Next we set up action rules to be triggered when it came for that location meeting the request types.  Luckily I only really needed this for 10 locations. 

Would love to see a more dynamic approval process based on fields such as location and/or manager.

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It is not currently possible to do a direct lookup of Manager in AD and make that person an Approver.  There is a Feature Request here on Thwack for that function that you can vote up if you'd like: 

What is currently possible for the specific case you mentioned (approvals by Department Manager) is to:

  • Enable Departments if they are not already enabled (Setup -> Locations -> Options).
  • Have Departments assigned to your Client users - This is easiest if you have that info already populated in AD since you can then just modify the Attribute Mappings of the LDAP connection to also pull in the Department field.
  • Create an Approver Role for Departments under Setup -> Processes -> Approver Roles.  I'd suggest "Department Manager"  or "Department Director" (or both if you want to create both roles)
  • Assign the appropriate person from every Department to hold that Role for their Department.    e.g.  John Waters might be the "Department Manager" for Finance and Jane Lynch might be the "Department Manager" for Marketing.  This is done under Setup -> Processes -> Department Approvers
  • Create an Approval Process, and for Step 1, set it to use Department Approver.  For the drop-down box, choose the Approver Role you created earlier to be the Approver for that step of the Approval process. 

Now using the example above, when someone in Marketing puts in a ticket that requires Approval and hits that Approval Process, it will go to Jane for Approval. 

If you also defined a "Department Director" role and populated it in a similar way for each Department, you could have Step 1 go to the Department Manager and if they approve it, it would go to Step 2 and request approval from the person holding the Department Director role.

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Thanks for the info.  I can't use this because I am already using departmental approval for other requests and they do not match up.

Sounds like an enhancement request is the right way to go.  My request would be to make dynamic approval processes.  If someone selects something, look up some field from AD and send for approval.  I have run across a couple of requests where this would be very beneficial, even if it is just a table in the database.

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You could use action rules to look for the criteria from a custom field and then trigger the appropriate approval process