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Binding 3 different service request on WHD

Hi All,

Please advise if it is possible to bind 3 different service request types and IDs together with approval workflow?

EG :




SR1 will have to be filled in first

SR2  will spawn from SR1 ( if SR1is flagged as sr2)

If SR2 flag is checked, onSubmit = spawn new SR2. Only tech/ IT manager can edit SR2 details.

If SR3 flag is checked, go through SR3 flow.

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Hi calim​,

It depends how you are generating the tickets, are you doing this via an an Action Rule, Task or some other form?

If this is done by a Task, you can enable the 'Link to Parent' option within each element.

If this is done by an Action Rule, there's no way to link the ticket as it doesn't create multiple tickets whilst retaining a memory of the first ticket.

If you've done this by some other means, please explain the way you're generating them so we can try and assist.


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