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Automatically filling in location and department

When we get new users in our network that email the help desk.  The location and department come up empty.  If this is overlooked, it messes up our department billing.   Is there a way that when a new user emails the help desk the location and department get filled in?

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How are your users getting into WHD? Are they local users, AD users, or open directory users?

If they are AD or OpenLDAP you can fill in that information in their profiles. This is also useful as it could show in places like your email client such as outlook or Lotus notes as well. If you do not fill that information in at the network level you can force the user to make those fields required on the profile page and have them fill it out manually.

If they are local users you need to fill it by hand or have them do it by making this a required field in the users profile.

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That is a great question.   I am not exactly sure.   It looks like users are created when they first send an email into the help desk.  My apologies I inherited the system and I am just getting into how it works.  We definitely do not Manually create clients, but with that being said AD/LDAP is configured in the helpdesk settings. 

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Okay here is a way to double check the users are coming from AD.

Click Clients --> at the top of the results pane click the pencil next to Column Set and drag over LDAP connection --> click save. Then ensure the LDAD connection shown is the correct one for your domain. This will double check the users are coming from AD.

If they are click Setup --> Clients --> Options --> Then look the client permissions. and make location and Req'd. This will ensure that users fill out this information in their WHD profile.

If the user data is filled out in AD and you trust it (sometimes getting this info even reasonably accurate is hard). Ensure the department field pulls the AD field "department".  Click Setup --> clients --> AD?LDAP connections --> click the connection you want to edit --> click attribute mappings --> click the edit pencil --> Ensure department Attribute is set to LDAP attribute is set to department --> save then resync.

If you do not trust the data you can just have the users fill it in manually.

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