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Hi there,

We've been longtime Spiceworks users and now are needing something that handles assets/parts/invoicing a bit better so we have a 30day eval of WHD.

We are using WHD to service 12 of our remote locations which are all treated as separate businesses. Anything used/new that we bring to them, they must be charged for. Also anything we service must have the parts properly allocated and charged as well. Is this something WHD can do?

All parts & equipment is ordered and delivered to our central warehouse. Then as needed techs will take to remote locations. I can see where to add parts. I can see where to add assets but I can see how to properly invoice locations for assets if they were to move around. Also is it just me or is the PO process a little funky. I'd like to create a PO when I place an order for stuff and have it auto create the assets, it seems like I need to create the PO, create the Asset and then link the two.

Last question... what about assets that we build? We have a number of Point of Sale stations that we assemble in house.  Ideally I'd like to track all the parts inside each unit as the individual price parts do fluctuate over time and its not a constant. But I can't seem to see a way to create an asset and have it have parts for like sub-assets.

The main thing I need to do is when a ticket is created and one of these assets/parts leaves our warehouse that the destination get invoiced.

Any help would be awesome.


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Re: Assets/Parts

I will answer the PO/Assets question. Yes, it is funky. You need to create the PO. You then need to add the Assets. You then need to add the Assets to the PO along with the Asset Part No. and Model, and Cost. Seems very redundant. AND you need to get the Line Item # correct as well.

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