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Approval Process Flow - CAB Denials Aren't Working

Hello everyone,


We set up a CAB approval process for certain tickets. Our CAB has around 10 people in it. This is important, because we get a lot of these requests and it's too much for one person to handle, but only one person is required to approve or deny these requests. On approval, the process works as intended. On person says yes, we work the ticket, bada-bing-bada-boom.

However, when the ticket needs to be denied by the CAB, one person will deny it and it will sit in Pending status forever and we cannot close the ticket, cancel the ticket, or do anything to it (and yes, I have the "Approval Denied Status Type" set to Open in hopes the status will change and we can edit it, I've even tried for Denied with an autoclose option, but neither works). From what I have read, ALL CAB members have to deny the ticket in order for it to change out of the Pending status. With where we work, and COVID-19, that is not realistic for our workflow. It's hard enough to get one person to approve these requests in a timely manner. We cannot get all 10 of them to deny the same requests.

What we've been having to do is override the approval process, which automatically marks the ticket as approved (and sends the client an e-mail saying so), create a note visible to clients stating that it's not actually approved, and then close the ticket. This is confusing for our customers and makes us look incompetent. 

Is there a different work around? Is it possible to put in a tech note visible to client, save-and-email, and then delete the ticket (still not optimal)? Is there going to be any update to this process? It doesn't make sense to me that one can approve, but all are required to deny a request.

Thanks for your time.

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To get a denial to work with only 1 denial vote, I believe you need to set the min approvals setting equal to the number of the approvers in the CAB.  So in the case of 10 people in the cab, you need to set the approvals required to 10.  This would break the approve upon 1 vote though.  I would suggest checking for an existing feature request and giving it a kudos or entering a new feature request that suggests allowing the ticket approval process to either be processed on min approvals or min denials as an option, not just based purely on min approvals.

There might be something that could be done via the API or potentially a DB trigger where you look for votes on that approval process and if you get 1 vote to approve or deny it marks the rest of the votes for approve or deny at that point so the ticket will process.


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