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Level 8

Any chance to update Web Help Desk Mobile application? Its been 7 months...

As a the Google Admin & Helpdesk specialist it would be nice to have a more streamline way to keep track of tickets while on the move. The current version of the mobile app is poor & is in dire need of an update. Am I wishing upon a star or should I let my hopes die? Could you give me any hope peter.kruty‌?

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Level 8

I've put in a feature request for a Mobile App update over a year ago, and have been totally ignored. All I wanted was a quick way to create a new ticket for a drive-by, went back and checked and checked my feature request, and nothing, so I gave up. I think it's completely ridiculous that a FREE Help Desk product has a better, more advanced IOS/Android App (ie Spiceworks), than a PAID product like WHD. I've moved on to a different product because of this. I feel your pain. I wound up back here to check my feature request cause I was curious lol I'm glad to see people are starting to speak up about this. I've used this product before SolarWinds took it over, the previous company who owned this product was way more responsive to feature requests....

Level 15

Hi Kyle and others,

first of all, I'm sorry for a delayed answer, I only now noticed that I did not submitted my answer several days ago and it got lost. We definitely plan update of our mobile application. We are currently considering several options and we even have some improvements already implemented, but since there are requests on several fronts (improved iOS app, iPad app, Android app, mobile web improvements) we are considering some more dramatic changes, so we can move faster in mobile support on more fronts and be more flexible and faster in releasing improvements. Currently we have iOS application and our mobile web view, but I know many of you would like to have native support for your favourite platform. Whatever is your favourite platform or most desired feature, please do use Web Help Desk Feature Requests space on Thwack to record and vote for what you would like to see. It is important for us to see that, so we can make right decision. I do not have timelines for these, but I expect in coming weeks we will publish more information on what we are considering and working on in mobile.

Thanks everyone for feedback and please keep it coming, we want to make our mobile apps better and what you need,


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Level 12

I am also hoping for an update. Especially hoping for an iPad version, but also hoping for an updated iPhone version.

Looking to "Search Assets" just as we now can only "Search Clients" and "Search Tickets".

An iPad version would give more space to create Notes and do more like what the desktop version can do with Tickets.

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I highly doubt it. At this point I have given up and we may consider an alternative for WHD


Update for Case #801275 - "Will the mobile version of Web Help Desk ever be updated?"

Case CLOSED. Hi Kyle,

I have submitted this feature request to our development team.  They will consider the request, and decide whether it will be implemented.

You may also post your request to the Thwack forum for the SolarWinds product you wish to see improved.  Thwack Feature Request forums are here: Create a post titled “FEATURE REQUEST - Name of the Feature Request” and detail your request including case number. These forums are monitored by our Product Managers. This will allow other customers to voice their opinions as to whether they would find the feature useful.

You may find "What we are working on" interesting:

"How To Create Ideas and Feature Requests"

"Ideation Process & FAQ"

Please be aware that:
* Developers will decide on whether or not to go ahead with implementation of the feature
* Developers will decide on the timeline of the release (if they decided to implement the feature)
* Support does not update you on whether the feature has been implemented, and you will have to check the Release Notes:

If you have any other questions or issues, feel free to contact us at Solarwinds Support:


Mark Funcion
Technical Support | SolarWinds - Unexpected Simplicity
Office Hours: Mon-Fri 9AM-6PM EST 866.530.8040

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Level 10

Should I worry?  Also curious on the answer to this and if there is support for the mobile app going forward.

We are planning on implementing a mobile app server and hoping to make it a key part of our help desk and on call processes.   Sounds like it may not quite be the tool we thought were hoping.

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Apparently its not a priority or even worth responding to as you see we have not had any reply.

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