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Allowing techs to open tickets in admin panel

As an Admin I do not have this issue. My techs however do. Since the upgrade to 12.7.1 techs will get an error when choosing "New Ticket" for all tickets that are auto routing to a tech group that they are not a member of. In Setup if I go to Techs > Tech Permissions and uncheck "Limit to Assigned Tech Groups" they are able to do this. I cannot leave it like that however as that also allows them to search all tickets in WHD. Because we have other business units using the software in addition to IT we need to prevent tech groups from seeing other tech groups tickets. I did not realize the upgrade to 12.7.1 would mean that they would no longer be able to effectively create tickets on behalf of other users.

Has anyone else found this or found a workaround? Is there a better way we could be segmenting our departments in WHD that would allow us to achieve this?

Thanks for any input.

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