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Level 8

7 Months Since last WHD Update/Upgrade.

When we purchased WHD mid-late last year, we were assured that SolarWinds would release 2 major services per year with smaller updates in between for WHD.

So far this year there has been NO Update/Upgrades & we are over half way through this year.


To put things in prospective, one of WHD’s major competitors ManageEngine have release no fewer than 16 updates for the version 9 of service desk (about half the updates are bug fixes), which was only released Feb this year.

So my question is, is SolarWinds taking WHD seriously enough?



/end rant


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Level 15

Hi guys,

we do listen and to show you what we are working on in more details, I put together more information on some features which are on our radar in this blog post: Web Help Desk 12.2.0: Looking behind the curtain. I hope this answers your questions and show our dedication to Web Help Desk. We are also working on getting the releases to you more often and I'd like you to keep your eyes open for a Beta signup!



'preciate the update!

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Level 8

I have already started the process here in our IT department of looking for a replacement, the lack of communication and updates is really frustrating and the last 2 releases have been integration updates mainly with very little new actual features added to the product. Yay they can now integrate it into other SolarWinds products, from a sales perspective for SolarWinds this is great, for existing customers of WHD that have no investment in any SolarWinds products this is terrible and is making me not recommend any SolarWinds products to anyone in the IT field I meet.

Level 12

Interesting that this has been the release schedule for Alert Central which is a free product.

  • 1.1.5, released on April 15, 2014.
  • 1.1.4, released on March 13, 2014
  • 1.1.3, released on January 28, 2014
  • 1.1.2, released on January 7, 2014
  • 1.1.1, released on December 10, 2013

^^^^ This helps prove the case that they don't give a a single byte about WHD. Two hotfixes aren't updates. Give us something, Solarwinds

Level 11

I noticed there hasn't been an update to 'What we're working on for Web Help Desk'. Any guidance from solarwinds? Peter Krutý? What should we expect for frequency of updates going forward in this product?

Level 9

I agree with everyone here. I've been complaining for awhile and getting nowhere.  I was promised the same things Brad.  The previous owners (and creators) of the helpdesk software I liked a lot. They applied updates and made improvements constantly.  Since Solarwinds purchased this product all they've done is the 12.0 and another small update after that (and yes 12.1 (WOW what an update huh?). I've emailed our account manager as well with a long winded email. This is no way to support a product and treat their customers. I think Solarwinds has one guy (Peter) working on this and he keeps promising updates coming but we are not allowed to know any dates (Peter says it's against company policy to provide any dates).  Well, the new year is not that far away.  Maybe 12.2 will come out by January, 2015 (yearly update?). In the meantime I don't think they will be lowering the cost of the Admin licenses.

Level 8

I just wrote a LONG WINDED soliloquy to Solarwinds about the lack of improvement of WHD & the mobile application. Compared to other systems it is lackluster. I had high hopes for the product but we are starting to look elsewhere. 

Level 8

I fully agree.  When we purchased Web Help Desk about 2 years ago we were told "major" updates every 6 months.  In addition, some features that were missing from Web Help Desk, compared to other products, was on the developer timeline to be added within the year.  Still don't have them.  Solarwinds really needs to step up here.

Level 14

You stated there have been no upgrades released this year. 12.1 was actually released at the end of January there has also been a 12.1 hotfix released that fixes a couple of additional targeted issues.

12.1 was released to existing customers in December 2013, it went GA in January this year. So there has been a hotfix released, but no features added?

Level 12

I was just thinking the exact thing recently.  Would be nice to have some new features (or include some of the no brainer missing ones).