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Would like to see WPM to do web page availability and provide some metrics

Would like to see WPM to do web page availability and provide some metrics

I currently use Site-24/7 for  web site availability monitoring  and web page monitoring and looking at them for transactional monitoring as well but would prefer to use WPM for that but would not like to do up and down monitoring using transactions. I also don't want to use SAM for web port monitoring but want to monitoring from the cloud and make sure I am getting the correct HTTP response codes as well.

  • Website is not accessible.
  • Response time of the website crosses 30 seconds.
  • HTTP Response code of the response is 4XX or 5XX.
  • If the username/password is invalid in the case of authenticated websites.

monitoring feature checks for various attributes such as response time, etc. For example, you can add a URL, say http://mycompany/estore.jsp, for monitoring. You can set up a threshold for the web page such that if the page load time of that page is more than 5 seconds, you should be notified through e-mail/SMS/ RSS. This helps you in taking quick action before it affects end users.

We also provide daily/weekly performance reports through email to know your site's performance on a daily/weekly basis. You can also view time-based response time reports from our 'Reports' tab that gives you a fair idea of the performance of your websites over a period of time. If you notice a constant degradation of performance, then you can take necessary actions to improve it.

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