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Edit "Navigate to" URL | Assign URL when adding Monitor?

Edit "Navigate to" URL | Assign URL when adding Monitor?

Perhaps I am using the wrong tool but I am using WPM to monitor all our servers that sit behind a load balancer to verify each of them is working properly.  So the transaction on each server is identical but the URL changes based on the individual server I need to test (we just change the IP address of the URL).  It would be great if I could have a single transaction recorded but just assign the URL when I create the monitor in Orion.  Like where it asks to set the thresholds or something.

Currently the only way of doing this is to export the transaction modify the XML then import it again.  I end up with multiple recorded transaction that should really just be 1 so anytime I change it then all the monitors based on that one get updated automatically.

Level 9

Hello experts,

I am trying to edit the URL of my transaction from exporting the file but it seems to be encrypted, do you have any idea how can I edit this file without the encryption?, I only want to edit the URL.


Thanks and best regards.

Alberto Flores

Level 14

If you are exporting recording it asks you if you want to encrypt it or not. If you select "no" then you get plain XML and you can edit it.

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Yes i just found this after i post my question thatnk you very much

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