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Conditionals in Transactions for WPM

Conditionals in Transactions for WPM

It would be great if there were a way to test for something and only perform the following block of actions if the test passed (or failed).

For example, test for the presence of a particular element/widget on a page.  If the widget wasn't found, then perform the following actions which would add it to the page.

The lack of this is currently causing some difficultly in testing our one of our products.  A customer is limited to X number of widgets on the page.   I want to test to make sure one of the widgets is working.  So I login, add the widget to the page, test the widget, then log out.  This was working great in development.

I came in today to find that the test had been failing all weekend because there were too many widgets on the page and it wouldn't let me add a copy of the test widget anymore.

It would be nice if I could first see if it were already there and then only add it if not found.  

  *   Login to

  *   Goto widget tab

  *   Check if a particular widget already loaded

     *   Load widget if it wasn't found

  *   Test widget

  *   Logout

Conditionals in tests would solve all kinds of issues.

Level 10

Agree - similarly we have cases where our applications will present an "operator message" that the operator has to acknowledge before they can continue to use the application.  This causes the WPM transactions to present false positive down alarms because the original script didn't account for the operator message that comes up randomly.  Being able to check for dynamic content and then proceed based on whether the content is there or not would be a nice addition to the product.

Level 10

We are having the same issue on our end.  One of our apps will occasionally put up a banner page that breaks the test.   We have SLAs based on this product and our reliability numbers get hit bad when these banners go up.

Would be nice if the presence of the banner could be tested for and handled with a condition.  Just need to be able to click a submit button in this case if it is seen.

Level 14

We need it.

Level 7

We desperate need it too.

We monitor a website with 9 transactions. One of them has contents available only during some periods of the day. These periods are totally random.

When these contents are not available, monitoring crashes. We´d like to skip just this transaction when the contents are not available.

Level 15

Thanks everyone for details and votes. This is one of the things we are actively looking at, see What We're Working On - Web Performance Monitor for more.

Level 15

If anyone is interested we will launch Beta soon. See here for more: WPM 2.1.0 Beta - Call for Beta Testers.

Level 15

This feature is implemented in version 2.1

li-migration Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented