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Change Browser for the recorder - WPM

Change Browser for the recorder - WPM

Actually the WPM recorder only supports IE.

"Browsers other than Internet Explorer, such as Firefox or Chrome, are not supported. WPM 2.1 supports Internet Explorer 11. < SolarWinds Knowledge Base :: WPM, Windows 8, and IE 11  > "

But a lot of customers have problems with this browser. We want the option to change the browser, for Firefox or Chrome for example.


I think would just be good to be able to test with different browsers as everyone uses a different one.

So would be good to be able to play from different player using all browsers if required.

Chrome has approx 64% of the market, IE and Edge between them have around 7% (with Microsoft moving steadily towards Edge as their recommended browser).  Limiting WPM recorder to IE is a serious limitation.

Level 7

I have an app that checks for Chrome and will not run in any other browser.  As it is the primary application for the company and for why to purchase WPM......this is a deal killer for us

Level 16

I was working with a person using the recorder and it kept failing, then we found out it only works with Chrome....   I need this badly ASAP....

Level 8

We really need this as well, I found that some of the issue we had was GP related so I was able to make a server just for playback on one website but even that has issues, we really need this working with other browsers since this site is the main reason we went with WPM.

Any progress or updates on this? We have some applications that just simply won't work in IE so using Chrome would allow us to monitor them.

Product Manager
Product Manager

Yes, we are making good progress on this effort and there is a beta version available to try if you are a current customer with active maintenance: 

The new recorder is based on Chromium so there shouldn't be any more issues with IE compatibility popping up.

Community Manager
Community Manager
Status changed to: Implemented