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For those of you who are looking for the release candidate, look no further. The release candidates have been promoted to GA and are now available in your customer portal. 

Check out the finalized release notes here: WPM 3.0 Release Notes and take a look at the refreshed WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON FOR WPM (Updated June 10, 2019)

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So.... you made it pretty but removed a bunch of functionality?


Based on feedback from the beta test cycle and feedback sessions with customers we found that the new recorder reached a functional milestone that was important to put in the hands of all users for production use. We made the decision to ship the new recorder now but continue to include and support the old recorder until full parity is reached. We fully understand the demand to stop shipping the IE based recorder completely is high and to that end we are still working full speed ahead to finish closing the gap. In the meantime if a specific feature is not yet in the new recorder you can still use the old recorder to cover those use cases and it is still fully supported.

So just to make I understand correctly - the older/deprecated recorder will still be able to be used until all features are brought over to the new recorder?

Yes, that is correct. We will support both recorders for the foreseeable future.

Ok, that is good to hear. Thanks

I didn't check the page (About WPM Recorders ) before, and just realized that WPM 3.0 has yet to support LDAP/NTLM authentication. Any news on when this functionality will be added? Most of our transactions that's currently having problem is using NTLM/SSO authentication.

Thank you

Authentication improvements along with certs and proxy support are part of what we are currently working on: WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON FOR WPM (Updated Nov 13, 2019)

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