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WHAT WE'RE WORKING ON FOR WPM (Updated July 15, 2020)

Since the release of Web Performance Monitor 2020.2, there have been a lot of things going on behind the scenes here at SolarWinds. Everything from new WPM specific features to Orion platform enhancements are in the works! See below:

  • Enhancements to recorder – Additional features and capabilities for the new recorder to allow for the successful capture and replay of more scenarios, on more web apps.
  • Enhancements to Pingdom integration – Feature parity items for recordings saved to Pingdom such as recognizing key strokes and image match.
  • Support for FIPS Environments – ability to run, capture, and report on synthetic checks while in FIPS mode.

Feel free to submit feature requests for WPM here: Web Performance Monitor (formerly SeUM) Feature Requests

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Any updates?

Additional bump . . .

Wait. Something is coming. Unfortunately I can not reveal more.


Any updates? Have a maintenance renewal due, not gonna renew if this is a dead product.

tagging mrs.alterego​ for this one. Maybe she can provide some general estimates as to where things sit, with respect to what you are able to say? Are we looking at a major WPM 2016 release, Q1 2017, etc? Is priority in the order of the features listed in this request?

I like WPM and desire to use it on my current job as it had a lot of value on my last job, but I'm cautious as well. Kinda hard to make an argument for WPM without new features if it doesn't compare to F/OSS stuff like dalekJS or selenium function wise (which use many browsers and support IE11, etc). I understand that WPM was acquired as it was formerly SEUM, but it could use some love.

Any updates on this at all? Definitely seems like WPM has been left for dead. A little bit of information/update would be great.

WPM is definitely not dead. We're working on some updates for this roadmap, so stay tuned. In the mean time, go enter and up vote your Web Performance Monitor (formerly SeUM) Feature Requests. Now is a perfect time.

any news?

Yes. I am working with our engineering leads to finalize the next set of features we will be working on. Its been a bit slower than I would like, but moving forward nonetheless. Thank you for your patience.

After some trials and tribulations with getting this published, the latest update has now been posted.

Are you able to expand on the 'Improved Web Application Support' feature?

Does this include better Java and window handling at all?

Yes, it does.

Our company will be very excited to get our hands on this update!  WPM was very useful to help figure out some issues with our new proxy and "the internet is slow." 

Is there a ballpark date for the new version? The conditional logic in the current version is too restricted to be of use & I could really do with having a version with more functionality in this area.

Unfortunately we do not publish timeline for feature releases. Feel free to reach out to me via email and let me know what your issues around the current version.

Hi Steven

OK, here's one example, I have a transaction that I want to add a condition to, such that if some text is found, a button is pressed and the script ends, not executing any further steps. However, there doesn't appear to be a way to do this (perhaps I'm missing something)? I can get the script to conditionally click the button, but then it goes on to execute the rest of the transaction, which fails.  Now I could of course invert the conditional logic for the text match, but this would mean having an unnecessary wait for text “not” appearing.

Going back to the timeline thing I'm not looking for an exact date. Even some idea if it's going to be this year? It's very difficult to plan ahead without knowing whats coming & roughly when.

Maybe roll this product into SAM?

keithjen​ I'm a little confused -  I would think you can do that in a few ways today, is this an application? Why not have the application spit out something that contains the word error when there does happen to be an error? That way you aren't "waiting" for the not text to appear.

So instead of waiting for function, watch for the word "error" OR watch for the image you expect to load?

I'm afraid that I have no control over the application or it's output. The output that I'm looking for is actually the text that appears on a successful search. Then the conditional action is to logout.

If the text doesn't appear the transaction carries out a few more steps to try to refresh the search but since the conditional step then executes the remainder of the code, these unwanted steps fail.

So I need to be able to insert an exit step at the end of the conditional sequence & there is no way that I can see to do this.

This is the type of use case that we will be working to address. Once I have more details to share, I will, here on THWACK.

Oh! I had something like this with an angular based website once that WPM didn't handle. An option was have to do XY input with manual entry, and add a wait on every step of XY. That can work some of the time, FYI.

There are a lot of issues when coding synthetic transactions against a website. With WPM its a fairly simple record/playback look for event, etc.

Problems arise when you have items like a random popup for a survey show up when it's not expected, then the transaction shows up as a fail.

Most of the other tools I have used for synthetic transactions run on VB or VB like code and have the ability to code around about anything that can occur.

The problem is that these tools are many times more expensive and require a lot more training and skills to set up.

WPM does a great job if the website is solid and it can do repeatable processes and doesn't contain popups of other things you need to code for. It is better than SAM because you can get beyond just the sign in page

and measure the response time inside the application.

Setting up a transaction in WPM usually only takes a few minutes from record to alert. I always would try there first before going on to a different tool because its easy and when it works it works great.

Glad to hear they are doing something with the waterfall report because that is very valuable information to have the history for. Some other tools also grab a packet trace on a fail which is nice when you need them.

My personal thoughts on some of these other products is that they should just roll them into the base NPM and SAM and just charge more for the base product. It's way easier for me to purchase one package than a bunch

of little add on's each requiring a separate Project Plan, Maintenance Plan, BVA and Change Record.

I wonder when it will be released . We have not seen the update in a while and some of new technologies are not working well with current version 2.2, cannot hardly wait for next release. We were just evaluating different company products since we thought Solarwinds give up on upgrade to WPM.

Thank you for your patience. We are actively working towards the next release. As soon as I have details available (beta, etc.), I will share them.

How can I get on the BETA program please? It seems that all the new features you mentioned (but especially the New Browser Engine!!!) are exactly what we need to keep out complaining customers happy. I need to get early site of this new functionality so that I can hit the ground running when its released fully. Any updates will be appreciated.

Hello Team, Any Updates ?

Keep a look out for the WPM beta announcement, and then sign up for the Web Performance Monitor Beta

The release is still under development.

Please update this soon!  The current version does not support the current web technologies.  Is there any ETA for a beta?  The link above does not work.

Unfortunately, we cannot post dates publicly. To access the beta group, you must link your THWACK account with your SolarWinds Customer Portal account which is associated with your WPM license under active maintenance.

Hello Team,

the same question of everyone: Any updates?

Nothing I can share yet. Thanks for your patience.

looking forward to a beta!!

will this also include the enhancement of search engine textbox (i believe this is a bug from the existing version)? enhancement of Calendar (this is a need for online booking)? removing the WPM player name that keep adding to the node name from the report chart (if the nodes are assigned to the same poller of wpm player)?  wrote:

will this also include the enhancement of search engine textbox

This should be the case, but I will need to confirm it does make it. For the rest, can you send me any screenshots of the these in your environment, so I can have proper context?

can you send me your email address so I can send you our concern, please? thanks!

I just had an internal customer asking if they could record DTMF (touchtone) dialing into a transaction to test out their IVR systems...... Going to have to give that one some thought.

Sometimes you want to help out, to figure out that obscure bit of IT trivia.  What a major score for Geekdom it would be!

And sometimes it's OK to


Helpful Information.

Any update? I tried to join the Beta page and have linked my account but get an accessed denied.

Getting close? Dynatrace and/or New Relic can do angularjs, getting past impatient at this point. The only reason I am holding out is the integration w Orion, but wearing thin.

The team is rapidly moving forward. I will update this thread as soon as we have a beta available.


Hello. Would there be any news for beta availability? Thanks a lot!

stevenwhunt I see there is a RC available.  Are there any new features included in it?

Steven is no longer with Solarwinds

What is include in the new RC ?

Release Notes for WPM 2.2.2RC1 are here.

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