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Level 10

feature requests

#1 should be an easy one. In the all transactions control add a group by step sort option


#2 Provide a method alter warning/critical thresholds on multiple playbacks at once. This is very time consuming and frustrating.

I'm sure I'll have several more next week when i start in on alerting and reporting.

all in all still a happy camper

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Level 14

Hello Andrew,
thank very much you for your feedback! I submitted your request #2 as FB79452.

I have just one question for request #1, what do you mean by "group by step"? Do you mean having all steps from all transactions on the top level of the tree and expand to parent transactions? It doesn't make much sense to me since you would have a lot of items in the tree then.

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Jiri to be honest it doesn't make much sense to me either but that is what management has been looking at the last few years on our other product. If you look at the jpg I sent you last week you can see this someone odd sorting there as well. Step comes before playback location.

In our use case all of our transactions are identical 4 step transactions except for the inital url, user name and of course play back location.

So what they want to see is the avg time for each step across all playbacks. So in our case step 1 is a login. They want to track or view average login times across all of our hosted instances at the top level.

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I see now. I marked this as feature request  FB79499.

Would something like comparison chart on step details page work as well? Something similar to "Top XX Locations by Duration" on transaction details page but for individual step? It would provide visual comparisons between locations and also average values for step.

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I was going to attempt something similar as a work around by doing several top step lists and filtering by step.

I'll try this out in the next few days and let you know.

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