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WPM - scalability?

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We have a lot of things to monitor via synthetics. During peak hours we run about 2000 synthetic tests per hour.  How does WPM scale?  How many transactions per hour/minute etc can a player perform?

I understand this is very likely based on the performance specs of the player server, but any real world examples would be very helpful.



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Re: WPM - scalability?

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As you have guessed there is some degree of variability here. The specs of the server where the player is deployed will have some impact but the most impactful item on performance and scale is generally length of transaction. I have seen installs where players had upwards of 50 transactions running on them with the average playback time being about 30 seconds or so. So player performance is mostly a balance between length and number of transactions. If most of your transactions are short and sweet you can squeeze quite a bit out of a single player.