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WPM- putting variouse "current screenshots of steps" in one place?

let's say i have 3 wpm transactions, you can have all these 3 appearing in one gadget, but to know "current screenshots of steps" of each trans i have to go to each individually, it is possible in one view/dashboard to have my 3 transactions vertically next to each other and under each to have "current screenshots of steps" corresponding to each. something like attached picture

wpm query.png

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Product Manager
Product Manager

This should be fairly easy to accomplish using the Custom Object Resource

now i configured what i wanted so now i have like 6 widgets in my subview each showing different print screen... issue is each widget has different size, it is possible to fix them all to one size, i know you can change the width of the column but height is my issue

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Resource hight is dynamic based upon the content shown within the widget. You cannot override the high of the resource, only the width. You can however add padding to a column between resources using the "Tall Blank Space" and "Short Blank Space" resources.

Blank Space.png

thanks alot mate.

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