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WPM Recorder Playback Painfully Slow

When I try to playback WPM recordings after making modifications, the playback seems to take forever. I had a check that logs into a page and when recording it takes maybe 10 seconds.  When I play back the recording, it is taking 5+ minutes!  For longer recordings I pretty much have to hit save and let it playback and come back 15+ minutes later to see if its done yet. Any idea why this is so slow?

I'm on WPM 2.2.2, Windows 2016. 

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Hi @bharris1,
This could be related to the case where all SEUM-Users or AD Users are having "Automatically detect setting" set which can cause the slowness during playbacks.

The resolution for this issue can be found here.

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It sounds like there is a check that is timing out or not getting the response its expecting.

It may be worth trying a recording that has no checks to make sure there is nothing in the page that is getting in the way. Then start modifying the recording and adding the checks back in.

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