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Level 9

WPM 3 Text Match AJAX

I am trying to record a transaction and use text matching on a web site with AJAX on it. The recording records fine and the recording plays back successfully most of the time, problem is that it that sometimes it can try to click on links before the AJAX has finished loading it. Text matching seems to ignore AJAX and only looks at the local text. I know I can put in a delay but I would prefer to avoid using a manual delay as there is always a possibility that it could take longer than we set that for as well.

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Re: WPM 3 Text Match AJAX

I know it isn't your optimal choice but it sounds like the manual delay is the best option in this case. If the problem is truly that the element in question sometimes loads too slowly there isn't much else we can do. There is no other mechanism to signify the target element has loaded.

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