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Level 7

SEUM with file uploads

Having an issues getting a monitor to play back when the sequence includes a file upload.  Even if I choose a location that exists during playback it appears to be reverting to my profile temp directory.  We need to be able to include file uploads - would loved it if these were stored in the script, but at a minimum we need to have it so the playback can reliably include them in the action.

In further investigation it appears I may be only having this problem from the Playbackplayer.

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Level 14


thank you very much for the feedback.

What exactly is not working for you? That "reverting to profile temp directory" is correct behavior. File uploads work the following way.

  1. During recording you select a file to be uploaded as usual.
  2. File is saved directly to recording.
  3. During playback, that file in recording must be saved back to the disk. You have to provide a file path for upload so having file in recording only (memory) can't work. We could try to save the file to original location but that could cause issues because of permissions etc. so file is saved to profile "temp" directory.
  4. When "File upload" action is played back, file from "temp" location is provided to upload filed.

Only difference between recording and playback is path to file. File itself and it's name the same. Is this problem for your scenario? You should not check full file path on the web so there should be no difference from webpage point of view.

If you provide more details I'm glad to answer any other questions you may have.

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I have a script that runs through a file upload.  This process works just fine from the SUem server, but from a remote PC this action fails on the PlaybackPlayer.

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I sent you private message so we can look at your issue directly.

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