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Recording with IF statements

I had a nicely working transaction recorded.  It logs into a PeopleSoft web application and does a few tasks. 

The problem is occasionally the PeopleSoft administrators place a broadcast message, which creates a new page (after login), which the user has to click Next on.  This messes up my recording.

Is there a way to insert an IF step?  i.e. if you get this result, hit Next?


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Level 9

Re: Recording with IF statements

You might try...

Make another recording where you have to click on that message (hopefully the message is in the same spot every time).

You may want to copy the old recording and add the step, BUT... we have had better luck creating a whole new recording.

Create a Group that incorporates both recordings. In this case one will always fail... hence, set your Group to report the BEST result.

Your Group will show Down only when both recordings fail.

Do you follow the logic? It does work.

Level 15

Re: Recording with IF statements

I like this inventive solution! Thanks for sharing the idea Joseph.

Conditionals are also something we are working on, check out What We're Working On - Web Performance Monitor.

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