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Major Issues with WPM in 2019.4

We recently had serious problems with orion that took several days with support to get resolved.  In the end, we had Orion upgraded to 2019.4.  In the latest version of WPM, there seems to be major problems and we are now having a difficult time getting it working.  Most of our apps use ntlm auth and this is apparently not supported anymore (?!?!?!?!?!?).  After a couple of days on the phone with support we got this response "And also here's a thing, I was told that if you want to monitor HTTPS site you should use the SAM (Server and Application Monitor) module for better outcome instead of WPM as there are a lot of issues and limitations with WPM."

The HTTPS monitor is nothing compared to WPM, and there is no timeline for supporting NTLM in WPM.  So we just renewed maintenance on a product that no longer works for us.  Newly recorded scripts also do not work.  Is anyone else having major issues with WPM since the upgrade?

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Product Manager
Product Manager

The new recorder is not at full feature parity yet and that is why we still ship and fully support both the old recorder and the new one. We are currently working on NTLM authentication support in the new recorder but until that is fully released you should still be able to use the old recorder for those transactions that require NTLM and any other feature that is missing in the new recorder. I will discuss the case with the support team as I am not sure why they would have given the advice you quoted above instead of pointing you to the old recorder.

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The old recorder doesn't work either.  As soon as we upgraded, our scripts with the previous recorder stopped authenticating.  Support was able to get some of them working again but others still don't work.  Sometimes they authenticate and sometimes they don't.

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Product Manager
Product Manager

OK, thanks for the clarification. I see your update on the other thread and understand these are related now... I am looking at the ticket and will ping you offline so we can work on this.

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Hello, we are upgrading to 2019.4 soon and would like to know if the issue with NTLM has already been addressed? We are using several WPM monitors on sites that use NTLM so we are nervous about upgrading to 2019.4 if it causes some issues for us.

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Hello @brianracerboy,
As far as I know, there were no changes in the deprecated recorder or player since WPM 3.0 so I'm guessing is that after upgrade the configuration files for WPM Players were wipeout - mining that the default configuration was set, so if the @knobby's environment was using a custom configuration for WPM Players - like for example domain accounts instead of SEUM accounts - it was restored to default and it started to use SEUM accounts for playbacks which don't have access to resources secured with NTLM causing playbacks fails. Of course, it would be nice if @knobby could confirm it.

WPM has a newer version 2020.2 which improves authentication support in new recorder and player - it adds support for NTLM and Digest authentications type. You can read more about this here.
If you interested here is more on whats new in WPM 2020.2.

In the end, no matter to what version you upgrade your environment is, if you have a custom WPM Player configuration on your WPM Players, you will have to back up it before the upgrade and restore it after it manually. Unfortunately, this is something which still needs to be improved by WPM.

If you already are after the upgrade, please share with us what was your experience with it.
Thanks in advance.

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I was able to get everything going again.  We did have to setup the domain accounts again and configure WPM to play using them.  Some apps require the deprecated player/recordings and most do not.