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Inaccurate Load Balanced URL Monitoring from WPM

We are facing multiple incorrect alert for load balanced URL monitoring.
We have recorded the load balanced URL and alert configuration for URL down is done.
URL polling interval : 5 min
Alert check every min and wait for 3 min is set.
Could you please let us know why the URL is considered down even if one of its load balanced server is up.
Please let us know the accurate way of monitoring load balanced URL from the tool as it is resulting in unnecessary tickets.

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You do not state how things are being identified as down, but if this is the individual steps and overall WPM site entry, I would check the following:

1. is there anything in the URL which would force a direct connection to single web server in the LB farm

2. Is the LB algorithm ensuring that if a web server in its farm goes down, it will direct existing sessions to a new server

3. When WPM shows a site is down, RDP on to the machine the WPM player is on and confirm if you can access the website manually

4. Check the WPM logs to see why it feels the site is down

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