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Level 9

How the alerting system in WPM products works?

I've read most of WPM documentations but I can't find how the system checks whether a website is down and how long it lasts to change the status from critical to down after first Unresponsiveness and how much time it waits to change status from down to up (is there any polling and warning time?), I've already known how warning and critical alerts work (after a specific time that it is defined and can be managed after) but I can't find how it detects a website is down or up.

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Level 8

I am not sure if this is the answer you are looking for, but this is simple flow when creating the transaction.

1. You have created the recording with sample scenario (for example: you enter the page, enter login credentials, hit login and verify that some text is visible on the page after redirection).

2. You assign the recording to a location where it will be played with the default interval of 5 minutes.

     - When assigning the recording, you can define Warning and Critical thresholds for playback time of the transaction.

3. Transaction is replayed by player.

     - If playback is successful, then its duration is compared with the threshold values. If it is below Warning threshold then transaction status will be Up, otherwise it will be Warning or Critical depending which threshold value it will exceed.

     - If playback was not successful then transaction will be in Down state.

So if the website is working but is slow it will not go into Down state, but will be in Warning or Critical state instead. The status of the transaction is evaluated each time the transaction is played (which by default is 5 minutes).